Underwater zombie defense

When it comes to those seeking the very best and impenetrable zombie fortress available, perhaps we have been looking in the wrong direction.  Most recently, discussion and debate was launched regarding underground facilities and if such a setup would be the most adequate method of defense.  Would underground be the best option or would underwater?

Many scenarios depend highly on the level of outbreak that one is dealing with.  Some of the information posted thus far has dealt with a temporary solution in order to gain some ground and formulate a plan, if one is not readily available.  Other scenarios are meant for more long term duration, such as this.

 Zombie attacks under water

The above location, meant as a resort also leaves room for ample and adequate zombie defense. Assuming reasonable access to such a facility, you and your loved ones could escape underwater and try to wait out the undead apocalypse.  As with any situations, pros and cons arise and should be discussed before any decision is made.


  1. Clumsy Zombies – Because of the dead rising back to life and having limited motor skills and abilities, zombies are already clumsy, yet dangerous.  Being underwater increases their lack of coordination and ability to strike.  Again, Hollywood will have the average person believe otherwise but the scientific data is not there to support most of what Hollywood portrays.
  2. Slower Than Normal – Similar to the above, zombies are not believed to be fast (stay tuned for a future article to cover the topic of fast vs. slow moving zombies).  The already slow moving creatures are further inhibited by the weight of the water, thus decreasing the threat level.
  3. Historical Reports – To date, the report of zombie attacks in any amount of water are extremely rare.  This could be due to the limited nature of underwater defense silos but it could also be due to poor record keeping.  However, statistics show that in the past, there are not as many attacks underwater as there are above ground.
  4. Additional Obstacles – Being underwater also presents additional roadblocks for zombies.  With access to ladders and manmade passages sealed by heavy doors, zombies will be forced to follow into the water to attack.  This means they have to navigate the sea floor, poor visibility in the water, and even other animals.
  5. Ability to go Mobile – Any reasonable facility will have an additional boat ready for deployment, in case the facility is compromised.  The ability to go mobile from any stationary defense is key due to the unpredictable nature of a zombie outbreak.

 Alive Inside - Dawn of the Dead


  1. Use of Firearms – If one of the undead manages its way inside and you are forced to use a firearm to defend yourself, you risk the breech of the protective walls keeping the water out.  Taking on water in such a facility is of high concern.
  2. Oxygen Supply – A steady supply of oxygen is a must.  A contingency plan should also ensure that you do not find yourself locked away in an underwater facility running out of oxygen, with no temporary solution.
  3. Outside Communications – Being underwater can also offer some hurdles for communicating outside.  One advantage of holding up in a larger facility is the ability to take to the roof to evaluate the environment.  Being underwater, you are unable to see what is happening around you.  Assuming electricity is available and media outlets are functioning, you might not be able to know when it is safe to exit.  Being underwater also prohibits you from easily sending a signal flare or placing signage outside or above your location indicating you are alive and need assistance.
  4. Visibility – As mentioned above, you can only see what the opened and glass areas allow you to see.  Some type of scoping device or monitor system could be equipped in the facility, however, they are still not the same as being able to look out and completely evaluate your surroundings.
  5. Facility Access – One of the main disadvantages is that you might not be in a position to simply head toward the underwater location.  You might also live in an area too far from any large body of water making such an option impossible.

Friends, consider all of your options.  For some of you, this type of defense will be the route you take. For others, you would not have reasonable access to such a facility and will have to create an alternative defense method.  No matter what choice you make, remember: Stay safe. Stay informed.  Stay alive.