The Best Zombie Defense

Some say that the best offense is a good defense.  We tend to agree, especially when speaking of an undead outbreak. 

Many times during a debate regarding the proper zombie defense tactic and plan, someone will make mention that you should go on the offensive and not sit back, waiting on the undead to find their way to your location.  While many believe (myself included) that the zombies will be slow and clumsy, it would be foolish to base all of your plans around this as it has yet to be proven.  With that said, you should not rely on slow and clumsy zombies thinking you can turn yourself into Rambo, instantly going on the offensive, shredding all of the undead that comes your way.  Be ready for fast zombies. 

Here are some reasons why the best offense is a good defense:

  1. Outbreak Level: Unless the outbreak is minimal at first and the media outlets are functioning, you probably will not fully grasp the level of the outbreak.  As such, it is best not to begin trekking off toward the horde of ghouls unless you are heading toward a safer location than where you currently are.
  2. Supplies: Hopefully you will be prepared and have some supplies in hand, no matter where you are when the apocalypse sets off (hopefully you have your MZPK).  However, no matter how prepared you are, taking to the road will surely deplete your supply.  Why use your supplies unless you have to?
  3. Destination Where? So the zombie apocalypse is upon you and you decide to go mobile.  You can’t move forever as you will surely run into some unfamiliar territory or an impassible area.  Then you are truly between a rock and a hard place.  Going mobile only serves two purposes: 1) Moving to another location after your current one has been compromised or 2) Moving to a better location where there are more supplies.  Wandering around aimlessly hoping to possess the ability to take out any undead in your path is not the best option for surviving.
  4. Unfamiliar Ground: If you find yourself in a building that you have never been in before, you automatically face many challenges.  Securing the location, being unaware of areas where the undead could already be inside, and potential downsides and weak spots, are all reasons to avoid unfamiliar locations unless forced to seek refuge there.

Naturally, we would never advocate hiding out solely to avoid being mobile.  When the outbreak happens, your plan might go to hell in a handbag very fast.  The ability to adapt to a changing environment is paramount to making it through the darkness.  Should you find your location compromised, then you have to go mobile, however your mobility is a temporary solution, not a permanent one.

Stay safe.  Stay informed.  Stay alive.