Five Things to Consider When Preparing Your Zombie Defense Base

In warfare it has often been said that it is best to make the enemy fight your fight. One old adage is that it takes ten attackers to defeat a single defender, and when the hordes of the undead walk this will be as true as ever.

Though the idea of having the undead treading on your very doorstep may not seem appealing, it is many times better than having them feast on your entrails. However, to truly allow you and those who hold up with you a fighting chance, you must do more than simply lock the door, shut the windows, and stand on the roof waving a burning torch, there will be much to be done to prepare a defense that will allow you to defeat the enemy upon your door step.

Your base: Choosing a good location for your humble defense may be one of the most important decisions that you will make against the undead. This is because if you choice poorly you may find that there is indeed a fate worse than death. However, it may be impossible to place yourself in the perfect defensive structure and you may have to make do with what you have. There are things that one should remember with any base none the less.

  • What Goes In Must Come Out: Though most people will be more worried about entering the base, the area around the base is also important. Remember Murphy’s Law here when choosing a base. If you make it difficult for the enemy to enter you may find it more difficult to leave. Make sure there are multiply ways in and out, even if this does involve more undead near your base.
  • Reel Them In: In some ways killing zombies in mass is a lot like fishing, Your throw out some form of bait and reel them in, annihilating them once they have entered your kill zone. There are numerous ways to do this, one is through noise, having a number of people yelling at them or playing music over loud speaker for example. In fact playing music over loud speakers has a plus side of also hyping up you own people and possibly making them fight harder.
  • Distance Markers: Though technology gives us devices that can tell you the distance to an object quickly and accurately, anything that can save batteries or be used if batteries fail is a life saver. And though this is mainly for those who will be well equipped with firearms, yard markers giving the shooters the ability to easily tell when they should engage their targets, being able to know how far out the undead are from your base is also essential.  This could allow you to plan the correct course of action and allow your fellow survivors a bit of rest and not panic at ever sighting of the undead.
  • Exit Strategy: Even in the best base on Earth you must have a strategy for getting out if things become to overwhelmed or if your begin to get so low on supplies that you can no longer continue the fight effectively at that location. A better idea is to have multiple ways out since no plan survives first contact.
  • Scouting/ Raiding Parties: Though some may consider them to be more risk than they are worth, sending out scouting and raiding parties give you several advantages that you would not otherwise have. First scouts can allow you to be aware of moving hordes that are heading in your direction, much like weather forecasters. Sending out raiding parties also allows you to bring in supplies and to hold out longer than you would just sitting there waiting for the undead and for your supplies to run out. It can also be an effective way to get rid of that guy who keeps flirting with that girl you’re trying to romance before everyone dies.

Though these suggestions are by no means an all covering or mandatory guide they are things to consider when facing the undead and preparing a base against them.

Stay safe. Stay informed. Stay alive.