Zombie Defense in a Vehicle 

When the zombie outbreak happens, I am going to grab my family, hop in the car, and get the hell out of town.”  This flawed logic will only get you killed.  Below are the top five reasons why a mobile zombie defense should not include your vehicle.

  1. Where are you going?  Really… where are you going in that car of yours?  If you are going to make the mobile defense commitment, you need to have a plan, a back up plan, and a plan for when all of the above fails.  You will be stuck in a car and could possibly drive yourself to your grave by ending up in a place that was worse off than where you began.
  2. Gas will not last forever.  Should widespread panic overtake the masses, gas could easily become a very valuable supply, thus making gas stations not the most ideal stopping point.  For argument’s sake, suppose you actually do end up with a full tank of gas.  That supply will eventually run out, possibly leaving you in the middle of an area that is unfamiliar and flooded with the undead.
  3. The vehicle structure does not offer the strongest defense standpoint. A vehicle is not as sturdy as a building.  The average vehicle will have vulnerable spots and weak areas due to the glass.  A large van or bus might offer more security, however, you run a safety risk attempting to find a working bus that you would not have normally had access to.  Just as a home, a vehicle presents entry and exit points which you need to consider as you might find yourself in a situation where you are defending against multiple attackers.
  4. Supplies are limited and generally unavailable.  Unless you keep a MZPK in your car or find a vehicle with some magical stash of survival supplies, you might find yourself ill-equipped.  Perhaps you are just using your vehicle to get to a stationary defense location and think to yourself “I won’t need any defense supplies because I am heading home.”  What about a break-down?  What about a road overtaken by the zombie horde?  Will you have adequate supplies to survive should you have to ditch the vehicle and go on foot?
  5. Roadways are not dependable.  A large scale zombie attack could shut down the main roadways and interstates quickly and easily.  Vehicles left behind now serve as road blocks or obstacles.  Bridges could be blocked or destroyed and previously dependable “back roads” and “side roads” could run a greater risk of being overrun by nearby groups of zombies.

Max Brooks documents the mobile defense and use of vehicles in The Zombie Survival Guide in a section entitled “On the run”.  While Mr. Brooks mentions some of the above, he also does not condemn the use of a vehicle.  Simply getting into a vehicle for mobility is a death sentence.  Getting into a vehicle as a part of your well thought and executed zombie plan is ensuring your survival. 

Remember, view everything as a tool and consider if and how that tool can be used to secure your safety.

Stay safe.  Stay informed.  Stay alive.