While those who frequent this site are above average in zombie awareness, knowledge, and defense (even offense), there are many clueless citizens roaming around.  While you might not care about the average person, consider this: they could easily become one of the undead and something to contend with at a later date.  So why not help keep the uninformed…informed?  Here is a quick tip.

The fine folks at Lost Zombies have announced a special campaign promoting zombie awareness.  If you are aware of a site where a zombie outbreak has occured, you owe it to your fellow uninformed citizens to let them know any way possible.  Granted, mass panic might begin and the obvious signs could be missed, yet, the below stickers are great for letting others know that an outbreak has occurred.

Lost Zombie Stickers

Recently, we mailed off a small token of our appreciation, sending some postcards and stickers of our own to the Lost Zombie team.  We received the nice package of stickers above and plan to begin distributing them ASAP.  Learn how to spread the word and see others who have joined in via the Lost Zombie site.

Stay safe. Stay informed. Stay alive.