Reading many of the posts on this site  I have noticed that while many have chosen a firearm for their weapon of choice many have not considered that if they are forced to use it while fleeing the hordes of the undead that the report could blow whatever stealth advantage that they held.

Surprising only a few have brought up the subject of suppressors, more commonly, if incorrectly known as silencers.

The Bang- While they do not truly silence the report of the gun they do lessen the sound, a gun muffler is perhaps the best description. This could be an advantage to those combating the undead since the lesser noise would attract fewer zombies.

Another thing that should be noted about suppressors is that while for best performance you may need dedicated ammo. However, even with standard ammunation the suppressor may make it harder for zombies to locate where the shot originated giving you precious time to escape. Also the sound of a suppressed gunshot often lacks the distinctive sound of a gunshot, perhaps meaning it will be ignored, though this may be a false hope.

The Whisper- while a handheld weapon like the ax, club, or a trusty knife is undoubtedly the quietest way to dispatch a zombie having the ability to take a zed down at a distance and still have the advantage of stealth is a great thing. Plus one must consider that up close and personal there always lies the chance of a misstep that will lead to you become a shuffler yourself.