When situations go sour, public safety is called to run toward the problem while others run away.  Public Safety facilities are viewed by many as a safe haven, where they will not be harmed.  During a zombie outbreak, this is not necessarily so.

Here are five reasons why you should avoid a public safety facility during a zombie outbreak.

  1. Lock-Down – More than likely, getting anywhere near a police department, fire station, or other emergency facility will be difficult at best.  Those facilities will be placed on lock-down until some type of order can be established.  I would venture a guess that they are also trying to figure out what is happening, and even if they do, you are not going to get a ton of details during the thick of things.
  2. Mobile Command – Now that disaster preparedness and emergency management are labeled as hot topics, more and more, if not all, public safety departments are planning and drilling for major events.  A mobile command unit made up of representatives from community leaders as well as ranking officials with local public safety departments.  If you think you will get some type of answer from the police station, chances are, you won’t.  Those in the know will be attempting to control the situation via a remote location anyway.
  3. Chaos – If you thought about going down to the fire station for help, imagine how many others would have thought about it as well.  This is a good rule before heading to any location, unless directed to do so and you are sure that the location is secured.  There were some excellent arguments about avoiding super shopping centers during an outbreak and chaos is one of them.
  4. Nobody there to help – You are not going to get an officer to come outside and help you at the police department during a zombie outbreak.  They will all be on the road, flooded with calls and not be at the station unless they cannot avoid it.  This is why you need a plan.  Do not count on anyone else to help you unless you have discussed your plan with them and they are involved.
  5. Risk of Infection – Just because a facility is labeled secure or associated with public safety does not make it secure or safe.  You need to always be cautious before blindly running to any location that you deem a safe-haven unless you have it on good authority that the location is indeed safe and void of infection.  The last thing you want to do is run toward a building full of zombie cops!

Your best bet is to create a mobile and stationary plan and couple those plans with your Mobile Zombie Preparedness Kit (MZPK).  Being prepared to defend yourself and sustain you and yours will be of far greater value than running to someone for help.  They might have fallen victim to the ghouls!

Stay safe.  Stay informed. Stay alive.