The holidays are typically a time for everyone to relax and unwind, spending time with families and preparing for the new year.  Sadly, many become too lax in their celebration of the holidays and forget that the coming tides of the undead apocalypse could happen at any moment. That is why we have prepared this quick guide of five holiday tips for preparing for the zombie outbreak.

  1. Eat Healthy: Remember not to gorge yourself into a carb-coma.  Eating the wrong foods will slow you down so that making a proper is more difficult than it should be.
  2. Access to Food During Outbreak: It is common place for there to be more food around the family table this time of year.  As family’s gather and spend time with one another, finding food is no difficult task.  Be sure you know where quick storage devices are in the case of an outbreak.  Until you are able to assess how long the outbreak will last, it is best to have some portable food.  Since food is more abundant during the holidays, keep some quick bags or Tupperware handy in case you need to grab some food for a mobile defense.
  3. Offensive Weaponry: If you are half-asleep in the living room, chances are you are not going to be able to react too quickly.  However, consider the items around you that could be immediately used for offense.  Table legs could be used as clubs, yard tools (if accessible), and even kitchen knives if need be.
  4. Defensive Positioning: Should you feel comfortable in the level of the outbreak to make a stand where you are, quickly locate items to fortify your position.  Tables and other furniture should be used to secure main entry points.  When you arrive at your holiday celebration location, quickly assess the items that are around to see what you could immediately use if needed.  If it is not a house you are familiar with, use the excuse of going to the bathroom to quickly check for structural weaknesses and at least come up with a quick plan on using the house or staging your exit.
  5. Escape Routes: This should be in the back of your mind everywhere you go, but escape routes should always be running through your minds should you not be able to stand your ground where you are.  If you are at a family’s house, park your car where you can easily get it out to travel.

Naturally, we are not encouraging you to stand guard at the living room window with your Glock and MZPK  (even though your MZPK should be nearby).  What we want to encourage is enjoying time with your family but also staying well aware that the dead could easily walk the earth during the holidays.

Take heed to these steps, friends.  When the outbreak happens we need to be as prepared as possible.

Stay safe. Stay informed.  Stay alive.