As I sit and wonder what a post-zombie apocalypse world will actually be like, I cannot help but wonder what the human race that is left will be.  Imagine what a person will actually have to do in order to survive a violent outbreak of the undead. I have no doubts they will be changed forever, yet I wonder what characteristics a person must possess in order to survive such a catastrophic event.  Will the criminal element prove to be a survival tool?

  • Can you steal a car? You might be asking what that has to do with a zombie outbreak and survival.  The roads might be chaotic, but then again, there might be roads that can be traveled, especially if you are going shorter distances.  Considering you could easily be without a vehicle, how would you go about getting one to use?  Even if you have a vehicle, there is a good chance something could happen to it causing you to seek alternate transportation.  Should you need a car, I doubt calmly approaching someone in the midst of chaos unlike any other and asking them for their keys will work.  Theft might be the only viable option.
  • Craftiness: Can you break into a commercial location, residence, or other location with what you have around you?  I am not talking about just throwing a rock through a window, but accessing what appears to be a locked location.  Do you have the knowledge of getting in where you need to?  Hopefully none of us are just sitting around thinking of ways to burglarize a persons home or place of business.  We do not endorse crime here at ZAC.  However, when faced with a charging horde of zombies, being able to enter and secure a building can be quite the needed tool.
  • Murder: Are you capable of taking a life?  You might argue that you are not killing something that is already dead.  True.  What about someone who has been bitten and not yet turned?  Is it in you to remove the threat or will your inability to do what needs to be done be your fate?  One might argue that killing someone who is bitten/infected is doing them a favor since they will eventually die anyway.  Another argument is that killing is self-defense is not a crime.  Regardless of your position, you need to be prepared to stand your ground or run really fast.

Not everything above is solely based on a criminal mind.  I could easily foresee arguments that once the dead walk the earth many, if not all, of the rules are thrown out the window.  And the other trick is how long you can utilize the criminal element in order to survive.  Should you continue in those ways, you might find yourself in the moral dilemma discussed here by Kain in “Morals After The Fall“.

The Cliff-Notes version of this post is basically to ask this: are you prepared to do everything you need to do to survive?

Stay safe. Stay informed.  Stay alive.