We are all well aware of how the general public is oblivious to zombies and what will happen during an outbreak.  It is only fair to warn as many people as possible.  Via the Zombies Are Coming Twitter account, we have seen a couple of people do their part.  You can, too.For those who work in an office environment, or have access to one, you have no doubt seen the bulletin board with typical human resource type materials posted, such as equal employment hiring notices, workers compensation, and various legal documents that have to be posted.  This is the perfect place for the Zombie Emergency Procedure document.  In fact, not only do we want you to post these, but we want to see the results!

  1. First, download the flyer via and print out a few copies.
  2. Take a photo of where the flyer has been posted.
  3. Upload the photo somewhere and post the link here on Twitter and reference @Zombies_Coming
  4. Be sure to include your location, such as New York or Australia

Twitter user Andy has found one such instance already in Georgia.

This is one way of promoting zombie safety and awareness and ensuring the world will survive the outbreak.

Stay safe. Stay informed. Stay alive.