Where do I go in the event of an actual zombie emergency?

In the event of an actual zombie emergency, citizens are advised to stay indoors. While this option will suffice in the short term, it is unfeasible for any long term survival plans. At some point, everyone will need to go outdoors for food, water, medical supplies or weapons. This article will document where resources and safe shelter will most likely be found as well as locations to avoid.

A full blown zombie emergency has been in effect for three weeks. You have done what you were supposed to do. You barricaded yourself in your house and haven’t been outside since it started. At night you can see fires blazing in the distance and they appear to be getting closer each night. Gunfire wakes you from your sleep on many nights but you haven’t heard a single shot in two days. Your food is running low and you think you may be getting sick. You need supplies. Where do you go?

Let’s start with where you should not go.

  • Grocery Stores. If this were the beginning of an outbreak, then yes, most grocery stores would have been fully stocked and ripe for looting. After three weeks, the possibilities grow slimmer with each passing day. You may find an overlooked bottle of water or some scraps but most likely, it has been picked clean.
  • Hospitals. The same goes for any type of medical center. These buildings most likely turned into war zones as infected were brought in to be treated, only to have the patients turn and murder their healers. Once the killing stopped, looters most likely took anything of value. That is if there are no longer zombies still inside which makes these structures a deathtrap.
  • Prisons. While at first, a prison or jail might seem secure, they most likely became a living hell of starving, caged animals. If the incarcerated were infected, it could become a maze of death for anyone who got lost inside.
  • Malls. We’ve all seen Dawn of the Dead, right?

Now on to places you should go.

  • Most military bases and installments would have measures in place to ward off an attack and plentiful medical supplies as well as weapons, food and water. If survivors exist, they would most likely be here. If you can, make your way to the nearest military installment be it any branch of the military. If no survivors exist, you should have your pick of an array of weaponry as well as all the supplies you could want. Large, off-road vehicles for safe travel would also be in abundance here.
  • Fortified shelter should also be abundant on the base of a military installation. Many underground bunkers exist for the purpose of nuclear attacks. These destinations would be ideal as they offer protection from the undead as well as stockpiles of supplies and weapons which could last countless months. The concentration of these types of installations are scattered around Washington, D.C. as well as the east coast although others do exist. Below you will find links to lists of military bases throughout the United States and the world. Locate the ones nearest you and keep a detailed map of how to get there. Also you will find links to known and suspected government operated underground bunkers which may become useful in the event of a full blown zombie emergency.
  • In a pinch, a police station or courthouse would be a feasible alternate destination. Weapons and supplies would most likely be abundant at these locations and would most likely house survivors if any exist.

List of Military bases

Known Government Operated Underground Bunkers: These are the more well known bases which have been reported on and documented:

A more thorough list can be found here with links to actual and suspected underground military facilities.

This article was submitted by JJ Ritonya.

Stay safe.  Stay informed.  Stay alive.