Against the undead there is often the idea that distance mean safety. So, taking this stratagem to the next level why can’t we just use our great technology and advancements in the art of air power and bring collective hell down on the heads of the undead where they can’t even touch us?

You no doubt have seen the videos of smart bombs disengaging from the bottom of a jet fighters or falling from the bomb bays of bombers and falling through the air, making minuet adjustments so that the target, often times a small window is hit dead center. With current advancement in thermo baric devices and a plethora of others including atomic weapons it is understandable that these weapons that are thought to be able to win wars would be of great advantage against the undead.

Over the past century air power has become one of the deciding factoring in conventional war. He who controls the skies controls the war. This is in conventional warfare, not guerrilla, and certainly not against the undead. The undead that mankind will face are not the herds of the movies, are not semi-moronic ones that still have some idea how everyday item may. They cannot work door knobs, they cannot drive cars, and they know not enough to even turn on the lights.  The point is, that the undead will likely stay where they rise, unless that is in the streets or fields. Unless you want to flatten everything in the country, and I do mean everything, you will not be able to win the war by air power alone. Also, even if you do try to use air power to completely eliminate the undead, there will be those who flee to the underground, those that are alive and either infected or whom are overrun by the infected in there shelter. Be that the sewers, bomb shelters, of just the subways, places that bombs cannot reach and when the area is repopulated the threat from these areas will hang over the heads of those there until every zombie are dead.

“You can keep your atom bombs, your tanks and your airplanes; you”ll still have to have some little guy with a rifle and bayonet who winkles the other bastard out of his foxhole and gets him to sign the peace treaty.”
General George S. Patton