Photo by Andy C.

The carrier of a disease or virus, is known as patient zero. During a zombie outbreak this person may be very important to ending the outbreak, because they either begin the outbreak or they may even be immune to the virus and within them may lay a cure or vaccine. Now, the first person they infect is patient one. The question is, what happens when patient one is you?

While the odds are slim that anyone of us may be the first person to actually be infected, however it is not out of the realm of possibility, distant as it may be. Nevertheless the infection must begin somewhere and if those who are there when it begins are able to react and put it down quickly. However, it is unlikely that you will have full tactgear or your zombie rig on you when a sudden outbreak occurs and more than likely there will be casualties. What if you are among them?

What this situation raises is the question of what you will do in this situation. Do you decide to slowly turn, losing your very humanity by the hour till you walk among the dead and infect those around you? Or do you end the infection with yourself, and save countless lives.