As we at ZAC have stated in the past, not all of the threats you face post Z-day will be undead. The other humans you will face will be ready to kill you and steal all that you have worked hard to build for yourself. Most likely they will employ some sort of firearm to try to end your life. What will you do to protect yourself from them? You can’t always sit inside your home or your vehicle, because if they trap you inside either, then you might as well be dead. Here we will discuss the best body armor for defeating certain threats.

  • Stab Vests: Designed to stop knives, this vest will not protect you from many other sharp instruments, such as nails, ice picks, needles, or other small diameter stabbing weapons.
  • Kevlar Vest: This is primarily worn to stop small arms fire from pistols, Sub guns, and will protect against some shrapnel.
  • Ceramic Plates: These range in ratings from small arms protection, to military rifle protection, and the level 4A will even protect you from a large range of sniper rounds.
  • Helmets: The “Mich” and the PASGT helmets will stop small arms fire and some shrapnel, but do not protect so well against blunt force trauma.

A lot of people are worried about comfort, weight, heat, and other inconveniences. When your life is on the line everyday, can you really be worried with such things?

Stay safe.  Stay informed.  Stay alive.