Camo RV

They have been in movies and they are big. An Recreational Vehicle might seem just what the apocalypse ordered to survive those pesky zombies. But are they really?


An RV has a number of advantages not the least of which is the fact that it has a good deal of room for people and equipment. In fact if one was so inclined it very well could be a large bug out kit, all one would need to do is jump in and drive. Also the most luxury RV have well appointed kitchen and bathroom, even showers, allowing a small group to live inside the vehicle with the least amount of excursions. Also the vehicle is a mobile home, if the zombies got too numerous to handle you could simply drive away. What’s not to like?

Disadvantages: An RV is big, meaning that it is not the most maneuverable thing out there, and they are not tanks in any sense of the word. They are not made out of armor and bullets will readily pass straight through unless they impact the engine block which leads to a whole other set of problems. Nor are they likely to hold up to a great deal of hard driving and running over zombies. They are also gas guzzlers and though they are pictured off road in the wilderness as a more comfortable means of “camping” they are not designed to go mudding. To put it bluntly, they are big, cumbersome(though not that slow in all truth, I have know high end RV’s to get up to 90 mile an hour plus), ill armored, and very large targets.

While the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages there are ways to employ an RV as a means of survival. Firstly would be to outfit it with a large supply of food, water, weapons, and ammo, along with as much survival supplies as you could manage especially things that could be used to gather food more than once, trapping supplies and gardening equipment. Next, give the RV a paint job and mount a cow catcher or push bumper so that you would be able to clear road blocks and zombies out of the way. The paint job is so that the RV will be able to blend in with your local wilderness or the area that you would flee to, as pack enough camo netting to hide the RV in the wilderness. Finally choose a remote area that would be far enough away from major population centers that zombies and other people would rarely cross your path and make sure you have enough gas in the RV or in external tanks to get there without having to rely on other sources, or cache it along the way.