What kind of training will most closely resemble the kind of shooting you will have to do after the fall of man? What shooting skills will you need to learn? Short of military training, the next best thing is professional training at facilities like Blackwater, or Frontsight, but what if you barely have enough money in your budget for bullets? What should you do? ZAC suggests that you get involved in a practical shooting organization or take an NRA sponsored civilian marksmanship program.

There are many practical shooting organizations, but two of the most wide spread and best known are IDPA and IPSC. ZAC further suggests you get involved in 3 Gun shooting.

3 gun is a type of shooting that involves a military style rifle, shotgun, and pistol. You transition between all three weapons during the stages, shooting for the most accuracy in the best time. It hones your skills with all 3 weapons simultaneously. However, both of these groups have independent shotgun, pistol, and rifle matches. Learning to shoot against people with a better skill set is the best way to hone your speed and ability. It may be frustrating at first, but you will get better as you train and compete.

Other training organizations can be found through the NRA. One of the best is the Appleseed Project. It teaches you marksmanship at ranges beyond 100 yards.

ZAC encourages you to do your own research, find clubs, and organizations that you like and practice the shooting skills that could save your own life, as well as others.