In popular zombie media, whether it’s literature, video games or
Hollywood blockbusters, one rule remains in all of them, and it’s “Go
for the head”. A blow to the brain is the only way to neutralize the
zombie. While this may be the case in “magical” zombies, it won’t be
in the case in virus-infected zombies, which also have other

You do not have to necessarily go for the head. A zombie will still
need oxygen, through blood, to support itself, and food to keep up its
legendary endurance. Defying laws of science, if zombies were to be
taken realistically, its merely impossible. It may not be human,
because it no longer thinks, and is “dead” and decomposing, but its
organs still run, and it is every bit as vulnerable as a normal
person, albeit one that doesn’t feel pain.

Zombies aren’t anywhere close to indestructible. They are constantly
rotting, and in cold
weather, why will stiffen up and their blood temperature will eventually drop
down, and ‘die’, the cells would freze and burst, or may be even
cryogenically preserved. The undead will dry up and shrivel into a
skin bag of bones, and will eventually desiccate in a hot, dry desert
climate (another reason, besides gun laws, that why Texas is ideal).
In a humid environment (D.C. summers, Florida, Southeast Asia,
Hawaii), decomposition will be accelerated, and it will not smell
pleasant, but the zombies’ flesh may be literally fallingoff the bone,
like good barbecue (a bit gross, but true). The choice of humans at
their target also puts them at a distinct advantage. Their only food
source is their top predator and their only method of reproduction.
That’s like a seal trying to get a polar bear to make it a seafood
medley, while it’s trying to have sex with it. Of course, it won’t end
well. A zombie is merely a slow, limping and rotting human, with its
only advantage being its inability to feel pain.

The laws of nature will be upheld on the undead, unless the virus
itself has further purposes. Maybe it photosynthesizes, to produce
glucose to power those never tiring, rotting muscles. Perhaps it
contains an artificial replacement for hemoglobin, allowing the ghoul
to operate even once its blood has dried into dust. This isn’t
possible, yet, with ‘yet’ being the operative term here. Pairing
chlorophyll and hemoglobin with a mind-altering disease, presumably a
prion, and a virus would be extremely difficult, but don’t take my
word for it, I’m not a genetic scientist.

So when the outbreak starts, don’t immediately go for the head,
experiment with body shots.If that fails, use what’s in between their
ears, and destroy what in between theirs.
Written by QAZZY 1-9th