Imagine you had an unlimited budget, and you could build the Zombie Fort of your dreams. Zombies Are Coming wants your ideas and we’re going to give prizes to the winners.

Here are the rules:

You have to use existing technology, and building materials.
You have to DRAW and submit your work electronicaly. (Via email, photobucket, facebook, ect. We have to have photos to judge.)
It has to be able to accomodate 100 people total.

You must list:
Square footage
Defenses (Caliber, type, ect. Existing technology only!)
Notable features

You must draw:
A blueprint/floor plan for each level of your fort, and the surrounding area. This means you need a bird’s eye view as well as a floor plan.

Thats it, other than that you have free reign to design whatever you want!

Now, the Prizes!!!

1st Place: $50 in Paracord items.
2nd Place: $25 in Paracord items.

Submit entries to: