In part 1 of Z-Day: Combat Without Firearms, we covered European Blade Martial Arts. In this segment, we’re going to cover Asian Blade and Unarmed Martial Arts. Asian Martial Arts are some of the most well known Martial Arts on the planet due largely in part to Bruce Lee, and the movie/tv industry. We know all the names of the most popular styles:

Karate (includes Weapon forms)
Kung Fu (includes Weapon forms)
Tae Kwon Do (mostly unarmed)

Though you may know the names of these schools or systems of martial arts, there are many that aren’t as popular, but are equally as deadly and efficient. For now though, lets focus on the more popular styles of Asian Martial Arts. For the sake of time, and to save space on the page, I’ve listed the martial arts and provided a link to their wikipedia pages along with a video demonstrating the style.

Karate Demo

Kung Fu
Kung Fu Demo

Tae Kwon Do
Tae Kwon Do DemoKwon Do

Weapons forms for Eastern Martial Arts generally use several of the same weapons: Staff, Spear, and Sword, so I will provide some video links to several forms for each of these weapons.
Kama (this is the kata I use to practice 2 handed Kukris)
Bo Staff
Tonfa (Night Stick)
Katana (Performed with Bokken, but any2 handed single edged sword can be used)

Kung Fu
Bo Staff (Almost slow enough to learn from.)
Dao (Chinese Broadsword. Watch the other videos in his series to learn the whole form. Useful with large latin or panga machetes )
Spear (Very similar to Bo form, just with a pointy stick. LOL)

As you can see, a variety of forms can be used, and weapon choices are as varied as their users. Many other weapons and forms exist, and ZAC encourages you to learn as many as possible before Z-Day arrives to help raise your chances of surviving the initial outbreak and the insanity to follow.

(Yes I know I left out videos for Tae Kwon Do, but its weapon forms are almost interchangable with a lot of Karate weapon forms.)