Think about this:

If something bad happens, will you be prepared? Natural disasters, Economic Collapse, Z-Day, ect. is going to catch a lot of people unprepared. Two things will happen, your community will bind together, or it will tear itself apart. The best and worst of humanity will come out in a lot of people. Roving bands of marauders could come and try to take your supplies and perhaps your women and kids. What will you do? What resources are in the area? How much food do you have on hand? How much water? How are you going to make the water safe to drink? Do you have a garden? How will you preserve the food you grow? You’re basically going to be forced back to the 1800′s, and you’re going to have to work your ass off for everything you need. All of you really need to look at yourselves, your neighbors, and your community as a whole and try and establish a plan. Get ready, it IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

Here’s a good philosophy video to watch about WROL
(Without Rule of Law) I really suggest you watch this and think about all of the things that are said. Put together a list and start buying little things here and there. You’ll be suprised at how fast it all adds up.