We all know that pistols will be a necessary weapon in the fight against the undead. Either to stave off the horde so you can reaload your main weapon, or as a main weapon itself. They are great for close quarters fights, and can be positioned and moved much faster than a shotgun or rifle. The thing is, which one do you choose? Do you go purely for stopping power, or magazine capacity? Why go with a S&W 500 when a 22lr Browning Buckmark will do? These are all questions that we all have to ask ourselves to find out what kind of pistol we’d prefer for the Zombiepocalypse. Below are some selections made by ZAC that have the best of both worlds.


Manufacturer: Glock
Model: G34
Ammo Capacity:17-33

Manufacturer: CZ-USA
Model: CZ75 SP-01
Ammo Capacity: 16-32


Manufacturer: Springfield
Model: XD Tactical
Ammo Capacity: 13

Manufacturer:Sarsilmas (imported by EAA Corp)
Model: K2
Ammo Capacity: 14

Manufacturer: Para USA
Model: P14-45
Ammo Capacity: 14

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