After a call for some updated versions of articles, I give you this one.

Here are some things that Z.A.C. suggests you consider carrying and wearing if you’re on a mission to purely kick some zombie ass:

Base Layer:
Denim shirt/Jacket, denim pants or Army Battle Dress Uniforms (B.D.U.s Top and bottom): These provide tear resistance and are unlikely to allow a bite to penetrate the skin
Baseball cap: Protects your head from the sun and minor bumps and bruises.

Layer 2:
Knee and Elbow pads: In case you fall, they protect your joints. In all likelyhood, you will need them at some point.
Face Mask: Choose your own, just make sure it won’t allow contact of infected blood to your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.
Gloves: A pair of latex gloves covered by a pair of Mechanix gloves. Not really a choice, more of a necessity.
Anti-bite Neck guard: A Shemagh, scarf, or even a chainmail gorget will work, choose your level of protection.

Layer 3:
Load Bearing Equipment: Y or H style harness, fanny bag for food and med kit, 2 canteens of water, 2 SAW gunner Mag pouches for your Military style rifles, a Large fighting knife, a LARGE machete, your rifle, and a pistol.

Rifle: Military Style Rifle with a CQC Reflex or Holo Sight. Of course, you need backup iron sights. Accurate to 300 yards. Headshots at 100-150 yards. (if you practice) Minimum of 300 rounds in preloaded mags.

Pistol: Small caliber, .22lr-9mm. You want at least 10 rounds per mag, and a minimum of 50 rounds in preloaded mags.

Machete: Players choice, just make sure its long enough to keep you from getting in biting distance. Try to either incapacitate the zombie, or get a head shot. Don’t get fancy. Fancy gets you dead.

Fighting knife: Backup for your machete, if you get down to just this, consider falling on it if you don’t want turn. It can be used as an offhand weapon while weilding your machete.

Optional Weapons:
Shotgun: Always a valid zombie defense weapon, and able to possibly score multiple kills per shot, its better as a fortress gun or backup rather than a main weapon. Consider a mag fed Saiga for faster reload times.

Sword: Good if you know how to use it, but it requires some space and skill to use it.

Remember, these are suggestions, but they are made from a standpoint of experience with all of the mentioned items.