In the days following the Zombie Apocalypse, you’re going to have to make some harrowing life and death choices. Be it shooting a friend or family member who has turned, or one who has yet to turn. If faced with some of these decisions, how would you react?

In this article we’ll look at some of the moral decisions you’ll have to make to survive in a world that has literally turned in to “Kill or be killed.”

    Scenario 1

You’re in the basement of a house, hiding from a hoard of 10,000 zombies that are taking their sweet-ass time shambling by. They completely surround the house, but they’re moving away. You’re in the basement with 10 people you know, but you happened to find a baby that survived inside the house on your way down. The zombie hoard is about halfway past the house and the baby starts to cry from hunger and you have no food or anything to keep it quiet. You know the cries will draw the zombies into the house eventually. Your survival depends on keeping the child quiet. What do you do? Fight your way out, or try to quiet the child with your hand which would result in possible suffocation?

    Scenario 2

You and 2 members of your family have managed to survive for over a month on what little food you had in your house. You’re now completely out of food, low on water, and haven’t eaten for about a week. While out scavenging, you saw some kids and followed them back to their hideout where they had enough food to feed you and your family for a week. You have enough room in your pack for all of the food, and some of their water. Do you take it all and justify it by thinking “If they found all this, they’ll find more.” or do you go on and try to find food somewhere else?

    Scenario 3

After a recent scavenging trip, your kid sister was scratched by a zombie. You don’t know for sure if the virus is transmitted by scratches, she is starting to feel sick, is running a fever, and is acting erraticly. What would you do? Go ahead and shoot her before she turns? Try the few antibiotics you have found to try and fight off a possible infection, which is potentially wasteful if it turns out that she was in fact infected?

Answer all 3 Scenarios, and justify your answers.