Yes, thats a picture of Me, Iain Harrison, and Chris Cheng. Winners of Top Shot Season 1 and 4 respectively. How did I get this picture? Well let me tell you…

Yesterday, my friend Ghostwarrior and I attended an invitation only shoot put on by a man by the name of Glen Bellamy. There were industry reps there from:
Faxon Firearms Makers of a revolutionary new AR-15 upper that combines the best of 3 different weapons systems. (It blew my mind)
Crimson Trace Iain Harrison, the winner of Top Shot season 1 was their spokesman. Nice guy. He owns an SP-01.
BassPro Shop Chris Cheng, Winner of Top Shot season 4 was their spokesman. We spent a lot of time with Chris. He loved the CTS .40
NightForce Optics Exceptional optics on some exceptional guns. The .338 Lapua….. Drool….
Spartan Blades Makers of Knives with Intent. Some seriously wicked knives. If you like knives, you’ll love these.
Voodoo Tactical Gear bags, assault rigs, and all manner of other tactical gear. Good stuff, I have some and use it A LOT.
Vertx Makers of some very nice, if expensive, tactical clothing.
Coonan Inc Makers of the 1911 in .357/.38 special. Nice guns, hell of a shockwave/loud. Check out their Zombie/WereWolf/Vampire defense weapon.
Surgeon Rifles Makers of long range rifles for people who like to have to only use 1 bullet. Lol! Seriously nice rifles.
Oleg Volk Photographer extraordinaire, gun enthusiast, and a really nice guy.
Glenn Bellamy The exceptional fellow who put this whole thing together. We would like to thank him for doing this and inviting us to attend. He is a lawyer, but a good one. (All jokes aside, seriously nice guy.)
About what we did:
Our mission there was to show off CZ’s exceptional product line, and educate all of the people who asked about the company. Even some of the industry people had never heard of CZ, so we enlightened them. Chris Cheng and Iain Harrison even did some side by side competition with some of the pistols we brought. Both of them shot my SP-01. Chris especially liked Ghostwarrior’s CTS .40 and spent quite a lot of time behind the trigger of that single action beauty. (I’m not a .40 fan, but I would be with that CTS, OMG!) We weren’t really there to put our faces on the company, but somehow we ended up with our own table covered in CZ pistols and rifles. I have a lot of video of people shooting the CZ pistols we brought and some photos that I will share later.

Now, how does this pretain to this site, and the world of zombie kiling in general? Glad you asked! I have to stay on top of news, and other things from the firearms industry so that I can bring you guys good information about gear and innovations that could save your life. That being said, Coonan Inc even sells a Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit I loved it, and yes, I have one now. Those guys took the time to make a weapon to save us from 3 different monsters, not just zombies. Like I said, I’ll update this topic with pictures and videos once I get them all processed.

UPDATED! Links Below!
Our table at the event
Chris Cheng shooting the CTS .40 and the SP-07 (1 of 6 ever made)
Chris Cheng Shooting the CTS .40
Iain Harrison and Chris Cheng shooting steel plates Round 1
Iain Harrison and Chris Cheng shooting steel plates Round 2
Faxon Firearms ARAK AR-15 uppers
The Faxon Firearms uppers really, really impressed me. I seriously hope that they do well and sell a lot of that design.