Undoubtedly some of you have fantasized about who would be in your survival group, and what rolls they would fill. If you haven’t, then its time to. ZAC wants to know, who would be in your squad, what roles and what weapons would everyone use?

ZAC wants to know who would be in your 4-8 person assault squad.

Who would be in your survival group? (Who and why)
What Combat/Support roles would they fill? (Medic, heavy gunner, berzerker,etc)
What weapons and accessories would you carry? (Primary, secondary, backup, and blades)
What kind of vehicle would you drive? (Assuming you could find a steady supply of fuel)

The only stipulation is that you have to limit yourself to what you can find within 75 miles of your base/home, and the people, weapons, and etc. in your squad have to also fit into that category.