The 22LR cartridge is one of the cheapest and most plentiful types of ammunition on the market today, but can it kill at distance? Can it be an effective round for a primary and secondary weapon? We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the round and see.

So many brands and types of rifle fire the 22LR that its almost ridiculous. The round of choice for plinkers, and people looking to have fun shooting on the cheap. In this article we’re going to take a look at the round as well as some of the most popular types of rifles and pistosl that fire this round.

The Round:
22LR is deadly at close range and far away. If you ever read the box, it will tell you the lethal range is over 1/2 mile, but just how far away can you accurately kill something with it? 100 yards, 200 yards? The answer is, as far as your optics will allow. If you have a really good scope, you can get a kill shot as far away as 500 yards. Don’t believe me? Here’s PROOF!

Ruger 10/22:
Arguably the most popular 22LR rifle on the market. There are so many stock, barrel and trigger kits for these rifles, its insane. Infinitely customizable, you can make it look like a standard ranch rifle, or an HK G36 if you want. They have magazines with capacities anywhere between 10 and 50, from various manufacturers. They’re accurate, and have high ammo capacity. Definately should be on anyone’s ZDay weapons list.

Kel-Tec SU-22:
Adaptable for many types of optics, accurate, and takes hi-cap mags. A little more espensive than a 10/22, but its already fitted for optics and foregrip accessories.

Sig Sauer 522:
The commando version comes with a quad rail and threaded barrel. Similar in size and weight to the real deal, so its a great training tool for kids and adults alike. Also takes many aftermarket hi-cap mags.

Yes, the AR-15 is an EXCELLENT 22LR. All you need is a .22LR adapter, and a few mags, and you can shoot 22LR from your AR-15 and shoot cheap ammo for training, or carry a lot more than you could in .223/5.56.


Ruger 22/45:
A popular pistol, comes in styles suitable for combat, including a model with a threaded barrel and rail ready for optics of your choosing.

Ruger Mark I/II/III:
Obviously, by its many incarnations, its an incredibly popular pistol. The target model has an optics rail and backup iron sights.

Walther P22 and Sig Mosquito:
Popular little pistols, both come with threaded barrels for attaching a suppressor.

So, as far as the round and the firearm are concerned, you CAN kill Zombies at an incredible range with a 22LR. The round is light enough to carry 1,000 rounds with ease, its cheap as hell, and if you have a suppressor, it can be a silent killer. The only question now is which one will you buy?