ZAC Blades

In this series on ZAC Blades, we want your input on designing the perfect blades to see humanity through the zombie apocalypse. We will provide a starting point and some parameters. We want you to tell us what you would want to see in the finished design. Given some time to maximize your input on the subject, Angryviking and Wheelgunner will be holding a contest to see who can build a better version of the finished design, which will then be put through stringent testing to determine how well it performs at its intended tasks. The winning blade will then be awarded to the person who contributes the most to the overall design. Be expecting to see the winning designs to appear on a custom ZAC Blades product line.

So, for Part One of our Contests:

This blade needs to be able to perform dual functions, that of a fighting blade against the undead, and that of a survival knife to perform more mundane chores during the coming end of days.
Things we would like to receive your input on:
1. Blade shape. There are a lot of blades out there, a lot of designs to choose from. Which one do you think is best for the zombiepocalypse?
2. Blade size. This should include blade thickness, length, and width.
3. Handle design. This includes length, dimensions, and any thoughts on its shape. Also includes any thoughts on altering the grip surface for greater retention capabilities.
4. Handling material. Wood, bone, stone, plastic, or steel? Wrapped, unwrapped, leather covered or plain? Let us know what you would like to see.
5. Furniture. Should it have one guard or two? Should the pommel matter? What should we try to make them out of?
6. Weight range you would like to see the blade in.
7. Special features. Anything not covered in the other sections, neat Ideas, whatever else you want to contribute towards the overall design.
8. Sheath. Material choices, design aspects, etc.
9. Thoughts on edge or blade grind to use?
10. Finally, because sometimes you inadvertently say one thing, and mean another, what tasks would you be wanting the blade to perform.

If you have any artistic ability at all, a drawing would be extremely helpful.

Article written by Wheelgunner, posted by Angryvikingman.