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Wait and Die? I don’t think so!

The Zombie Survival Guide daily calendar, while usually a great resource, dropped the ball the other day.  They offered some advice for home defense which involved making a stand on the roof.

Hydroelectric Power: A How To

In this article, we’re going to show you how to set up a hydroelectric power station near a water source. Hydroelectric power is a very efficient and almost unending source of power. If you are near a stream or river, then this information will aid you greatly after Z-day. Granted, this is a very simplified […]

Safe Houses Designed by the Professionals

How great would it be to have a zombie safe house designed by an architect, with all of the bells and whistles for the ultimate defense built it?  Well fellow survivors, that is not too far of a stretch of the imagination.

Surviving in an RV

They have been in movies and they are big. An Recreational Vehicle might seem just what the apocalypse ordered to survive those pesky zombies. But are they really?

The Outbreak: Where To Go?

Where do I go in the event of an actual zombie emergency? In the event of an actual zombie emergency, citizens are advised to stay indoors. While this option will suffice in the short term, it is unfeasible for any long term survival plans. At some point, everyone will need to go outdoors for food, […]

Zombie Scenario: Is Your Home Ready?

Let’s face it.  Nobody knows where or when the attack will come.  All we know is that one day we will all have to face off against the undead.  The best way to prepare is to consider as many scenarios as possible.  This month’s scenario is simple: your home.

Five Holiday Tips for Preparing for the Zombie Outbreak

The holidays are typically a time for everyone to relax and unwind, spending time with families and preparing for the new year.  Sadly, many become too lax in their celebration of the holidays and forget that the coming tides of the undead apocalypse could happen at any moment. That is why we have prepared this […]

Five Things to Consider When Preparing Your Zombie Defense Base

In warfare it has often been said that it is best to make the enemy fight your fight. One old adage is that it takes ten attackers to defeat a single defender, and when the hordes of the undead walk this will be as true as ever. Though the idea of having the undead treading […]

5 Reasons Super Shopping Centers Make for Good Zombie Defense Locations

In the inevitable zombie holocaust where the undead walk and cannot be quickly destroyed your own home will not longer offer you sanctuary, be it for lack of food or that zombies have worked their way through your defenses. Or maybe at the beginning of an outbreak you run and need to find a safe […]

Top 5 Pros & Cons Regarding an Underwater Site as a Zombie Defense

When it comes to those seeking the very best and impenetrable zombie fortress available, perhaps we have been looking in the wrong direction.  Most recently, discussion and debate was launched regarding underground facilities and if such a setup would be the most adequate method of defense.  Would underground be the best option or would underwater?

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