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They Own the Night!

The key to defeating, any enemy living or undead, is to make them fight the battles on your terms. When the dead rise, and the world as you know it has collapsed you will need to understand that you will have to make the undead fight you on your terms and not simply run at […]

Surviving in an RV

They have been in movies and they are big. An Recreational Vehicle might seem just what the apocalypse ordered to survive those pesky zombies. But are they really?

The Bare Essentials: Mobile Bug Out Kits

The Bare Essentials are a new series of articles that are intended as a guide to what should be the corner stone to your kits. They are not, intended as a full description of what you should have. Since ZAC’s member base is so widely dispersed all of you will need to take in your […]

Counting What Really Matters

While it is fine to talk about you would do and what you would use during the coming apocalypse it does you no good if your just flapping your lips and never train or are not even familiar with your weapons of choice.

Group Preparedness

Fleeing the undead on your own is never recommended, trying to flee or fight alone is almost a death sentence no matter how good you are or think you are. Even though there will always be exceptions that prove the rule a group represents your best chance of surviving the undead and staving off insanity.

5 Reasons to Avoid Public Safety Facilities During a Zombie Outbreak

When situations go sour, public safety is called to run toward the problem while others run away.  Public Safety facilities are viewed by many as a safe haven, where they will not be harmed.  During a zombie outbreak, this is not necessarily so.

Silencing the Undead

Reading many of the posts on this site  I have noticed that while many have chosen a firearm for their weapon of choice many have not considered that if they are forced to use it while fleeing the hordes of the undead that the report could blow whatever stealth advantage that they held. Surprising only […]

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Zombie Defense in a Vehicle

  “When the zombie outbreak happens, I am going to grab my family, hop in the car, and get the hell out of town.”  This flawed logic will only get you killed.  Below are the top five reasons why a mobile zombie defense should not include your vehicle.

The Mobile Zombie Preparedness Kit Gets an Update

We all know we need to be prepared to go mobile when the attack of the undead is upon us.  We have also prepared a helpful guide on what items you need in your Mobile Zombie Preparedness Kit (MZPK).  However, your MZPK might not be complete without this handy item, brought to our attention by […]

4 Reasons Why Defense is Better than Offense in a Zombie Attack

Some say that the best offense is a good defense.  We tend to agree, especially when speaking of an undead outbreak.  Many times during a debate regarding the proper zombie defense tactic and plan, someone will make mention that you should go on the offensive and not sit back, waiting on the undead to find […]

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