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Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic

“CDC has a fun new way of teaching the importance of emergency preparedness. Our new graphic novel, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic” demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy. Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary […]

World War Z to the big screen

For those that have not yet heard the news, it looks like World War Z will be making it’s way to theaters in 2012. Here are some details: It’s coming. World War Z. The long-awaited adaptation of the zombie cult classic is shooting, and will be in theaters late next year. Paramount announced a December […]

ZAC T.A.C.T. 2011?

Greetings Zombies are Coming fans! We were wanting to know who would be interested in attending ZAC T.A.C.T. 2011

The Spread of the Undead

If most people are to be believed then the zombie apocalypse will occur in the matter of hours, or at most days, swiftly covering the world in a rotting, moaning, ever hungry blitzkrieg. However, is this how I will occur? Where and how will the infection spread?

Hunters and Walkers, Oh My!

In October we asked you to send us your best zombie and hunter outfits. Here are the winners!

The Walking Dead

Did you dig the comic as much as I did? AMC is bringing it to life with “The Walking Dead” TV series, which drops on Halloween. Waking up in an empty hospital after weeks in a coma, County Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) finds himself utterly alone. The world as he knows it is gone, […]

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse commercial

For those interested in more details about the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, check out this video preview. Stay safe. Stay informed. Stay alive.

Preemptive Warming!!

For this years Halloween Celebration ZAC will be holding a costume contest, awarding those who are the best dress, best detailed, and the scariest members of the ZombiesAreComing family. Be them the walking dead, or the hunters of the undead.

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is an immersive Halloween attraction like nothing seen or experienced before. This isn’t a leisurely stroll through a haunted house. This will feel like you are in a Hollywood movie, running in and out of buildings, up and down stairs and covering a lot of ground as you flee from the […]

Your Daily Dose of Awareness

We can talk about scenarios, weapons, vehicles, and plan like there is no tomorrow.  But to be honest, there are times during the day when we get sidetracked.  We lose sight.  Planning takes a back seat to our regular routine.  Thankfully there is an answer. We were very fortunate to get our hands on the […]

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