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To “Kill” A Zombie (By QAZZY)

In popular zombie media, whether it’s literature, video games or Hollywood blockbusters, one rule remains in all of them, and it’s “Go for the head”. A blow to the brain is the only way to neutralize the zombie. While this may be the case in “magical” zombies, it won’t be in the case in virus-infected […]

What Shoes is Best for the Undead Apocalypse?

At some point during the zombie apocalypse, you will be running.  It is just a given fact that it will happen.  Hopefully when you are preparing for the day the undead walk the earth, you are doing so with comfort in mind.  With that said, you need to think about what shoes are best to […]

Hydroelectric Power: A How To

In this article, we’re going to show you how to set up a hydroelectric power station near a water source. Hydroelectric power is a very efficient and almost unending source of power. If you are near a stream or river, then this information will aid you greatly after Z-day. Granted, this is a very simplified […]

The Spread of the Undead

If most people are to be believed then the zombie apocalypse will occur in the matter of hours, or at most days, swiftly covering the world in a rotting, moaning, ever hungry blitzkrieg. However, is this how I will occur? Where and how will the infection spread?

Lessons from The Colony

For those that might not be aware (those like me) Discovery is airing season two of a very interesting and pertinent series titled “The Colony”.  According to Discovery, the premise behind this series is as follows: “THE COLONY is an experiment that simulates a post-apocalyptic world in which volunteers are tasked with surviving and rebuilding […]

Paramilitary, citizen soldier, and survivalist reading list.

The study of soldiering, especially tactics, is very important. We have a 4 thousand year recorded history of war, it would behoove you to study it. Besides, it’s interesting stuff. I have included a list of books that I have found useful in the study of military history, revolutionary warfare, tactics and skills. The list […]

The 1 Percenter Rule

Those who are preparing for the zombie apocalypse often assume that the zombies that they will be facing will be a cookie cutter scene removed from the movies. The dumb, shambling, slack jawed and gore covered moron that has no situational awareness and begs to be put down like an ailing pet. But what if […]

Can the Machines Fight the Undead?

They are emotionless, unflinching, they fear nothing on this Earth, they do not complain when given an order, or do they fear their own demise. They are but machines. Truly that is all a robot is, a machine, perhaps extremely complex and expensive, perhaps intelligent and capable of telling the difference from friend or foe, […]

Could zombies actually not be zombies at all?

This might delve into a more debated issue regarding the origin of the zombie, however, would you entertain the notion that someone could take on the characteristics of a zombie without actually being undead?

New Breakthrough in Understanding Zombie Behavior

  New research has pushed a new theory forward on why the undead, living dead, or more commonly, the zombie are driven to feed upon the living.

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