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Clubs for Z-day

So, you have found yourself in some form of trouble; you need a weapon, and you need one fast. When you need a weapon fast, you generally want one that is easy to get and easy to use. And, when most people think of a hand weapon that is easy to use, they invariably think […]

Industry Shoot 2012

Yes, thats a picture of Me, Iain Harrison, and Chris Cheng. Winners of Top Shot Season 1 and 4 respectively. How did I get this picture? Well let me tell you…

Prison: Fortress Or Folly?

For all of you who saw the season 2 finale of “The Walking Dead” you saw a large prison facility. For those of you who’ve read the comic books, you know that they end up in the prison. Now, this begs the question, is a prison a good place to hold out and use as […]

Happy 4th of July from Zombies Are Coming!!!

Zombies Are Coming wants to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July! Remember what this day is all about, and celebrate your nation’s independence from tyranny with gusto! Also, remember to carry protection with you (unless you’re drinking, then have someone else carry it). Angryvikingman out.

Rifles for the Zombiepocalypse

So everyone has their favorite type and brand of rifle, but here are a few for you to consider adding to your Z-day arsenal.

Hornady Z-Max Anti-Zombie Ammo

Hornady Z-Max Ammo New From Hornady!!! Zombie Max Ammo! – You knew it was only a matter of time…. Whether you want to talk about them or not – Zombies are coming to a range near you! With the flood of Zombie Targets and shooting events now with Zombie themes, Hornady Manufacturing felt the ONLY […]

Pistols in the Zombiepocalypse

We all know that pistols will be a necessary weapon in the fight against the undead. Either to stave off the horde so you can reaload your main weapon, or as a main weapon itself. They are great for close quarters fights, and can be positioned and moved much faster than a shotgun or rifle. […]

Apocalypse, Z-day, Economic Collapse, WROL/SHTF. Are you ready?

Think about this: If something bad happens, will you be prepared? Natural disasters, Economic Collapse, Z-Day, ect. is going to catch a lot of people unprepared. Two things will happen, your community will bind together, or it will tear itself apart. The best and worst of humanity will come out in a lot of people. […]

Z-Day: Combat Without Firearms part 2

In part 1 of Z-Day: Combat Without Firearms, we covered European Blade Martial Arts. In this segment, we’re going to cover Asian Blade and Unarmed Martial Arts. Asian Martial Arts are some of the most well known Martial Arts on the planet due largely in part to Bruce Lee, and the movie/tv industry. We know […]

Zombie Fort Contest

Imagine you had an unlimited budget, and you could build the Zombie Fort of your dreams. Zombies Are Coming wants your ideas and we’re going to give prizes to the winners.

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