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Help Notify Others: The Lost Zombies Way

While those who frequent this site are above average in zombie awareness, knowledge, and defense (even offense), there are many clueless citizens roaming around.  While you might not care about the average person, consider this: they could easily become one of the undead and something to contend with at a later date.  So why not […]

5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

As awareness of the coming tides of darkness spreads, so do logical and scientific studies which support what we have known all along.  A zombie outbreak in the future is not avoidable.  There will be no Nobel award for a clever movie about how to reverse the effects of a zombie outbreak.  All that we […]

Zombie Dawn

We recently got word from a fellow Zombie activist, William, about a project he has been working on entitled Zombie Dawn.  William is dedicated to zombie awareness and his project is a tribute to his efforts.  We salute you, William, and embrace another brother in the fight against the living dead.

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